Keep Your Water Hot & Your Bills Low

Aug 26 2015

Hot Water FaucetAre you tired of waiting for water to heat up? Are you tired of running out of hot water in the middle of your shower because someone is doing laundry? Are you tired of ridiculously high energy bills each month? Now is the time to make a change that will make your family and your wallet happier with an instantaneous water heater.


Worth The Investment?

Heating water accounts for up to 30 percent of the average home’s energy cost. Some makers of gas-fired tankless water heaters claim their products can cut your energy costs up to half over regular storage (tank) heaters. So is it time to switch?


Benefits Of Going Tankless!

  • Longevity. If properly maintained a tankless water heater can last up to twice as long as traditional water heating systems, typically 20 years.
  • Instant hot water. These systems allow you to have all the hot water you need when you need it. If a whole house system is put into place you can have constant hot water in multiple locations at once.
  • Space. The tankless water heater does not take up nearly as much room as the traditional heaters giving you more storage for things that matter.  
  • Energy Efficient. You could save up to 40% monthly on your energy bills after switching to tankless.


How Do They Work?

Tankless water heaters operate by instantly heating the cold water running through the pipes to a desired temperature with a gas burner or an electric heating unit. This allows you to have hot water whenever you need it instead of waiting for the tank to completely fill up. The tankless heater can supply much more hot water per minute than a tank heater, about 10 gallons versus the tank systems 2-5 gallons. The tank systems tend to be the most efficient and reliable option for a household.



Get An Advantage

Superior Air & Water carries all of the major brands of tankless water heating systems and offers comprehensive evaluations and installations. Give us a call for a free estimate on a new tankless water heater to start saving money and energy right away!

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