The Best Water Purification System For Your Family

Sep 15 2015

water purification system

Water Filtration

This is the process of ridding water of impurities through a fine physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. The most basic example of filtering water is by boiling it or using a carbon filter. The main purpose of these small filters is to remove impurities from your water and improve the taste. These systems can be used to remove the tiniest of particles, often including bacteria and microbial cysts. After going through this filtration process, water appears to be clean but it cannot be relied upon as the safest form of drinking water for your family. To ensure that you are consuming the safest possible water it is recommended that it is purified first. There are two major types of water filtration:

One Stage System: The one stage are typically just carbon filters that take out Chlorine which makes your water taste or smell bad. These are the little filters in your fridge or you install on your faucet.

Two Stage System: The two stage filters also have a sediment filter. These are good to remove sediment before the carbon filter. Helping the carbon filter last longer. This is usually something you have to buy separately for your fridge. Or can be purchased as a two stage water filtration system under your kitchen sink.

Water Purification

The process of water purification is similar to that of filtration by removing impurities from the water. The impurities that these systems focus on are the ones that dictate whether your water is safe to drink or not. Purification removes biological contaminants, viruses, chemicals, and other materials from the water improving the quality and taste. This is a chemical process that involves either iodine or chlorine, although chlorine is more commonly used. After water has gone through the first two stages as explained above with Water Filtration, it is then put through a third and fourth stage called Reverse Osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is when the elements in the water to go through a membrane with tiny holes that only allow H2O (water) to pass through. All the other stuff goes down the drain. RO water comes in either three or four filters/stages.

Three Stage System: The three stage has a sediment filter, carbon filter, and a Reverse Osmosis membrane. From there is goes into a storage tank until you need it. These are the most typical.

Four Stage System: The four stage has another carbon filter after the storage tank. Some believe if the water sits too long in the storage tank the water will pick up some taste from the rubber bladder. So they like it to go through this last carbon filter to remove any concerns.

Benefits From Drinking Purified Water

  • ‘Metallic’ free and cleaner taste
  • 100% safe and healthy to drink
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cleaner water for cooking
  • Cleaner water for washing clothing and dishes
  • High level of purification– not just a filter

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