Why You Should Have Your Water Evaluated

Nov 19 2015


Do you know what’s in your water?

The Boise area is prone to water quality issues, some caused by geological conditions of the area. The surrounding mountains contain high levels of minerals and toxins that get into the water supply. Water treatment facilities work hard to remove inorganic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, volatile organic chemicals, and radionuclides from ground and sewer water. Although the water has been treated there is still compounds found in it that are not healthy.

Benefits of quality water:

Hard water and contaminated water can be harmful for your health, this leaves people questioning whether or not they should buy their drinking water. When you run the costs over a year it’s much less expensive to have your home evaluated and a proper water filtration system installed. This not only results in better tasting and feeling water but it extends the life of your household fixtures and appliances. These are a few of the benefits associated with high quality water:

  1. Reduce scale buildup on water heaters, pipes, and shower heads. This buildup can reduce the lifespan of these items.
  2. Eliminate premature fading of clothing from hard water.
  3. Reduce the quantity of soaps, shampoos, and detergents used in washing by installing a water softener.
  4. Prevent itchy, dry skin by eliminating hard water.

Superior’s Free Water Evaluation

To find out how to have better water in your home, improve your quality of life, and save money in the long run, call Superior. Scheduling your free home water evaluation is simple and you will have great water in just 3 quick steps!
Step 1: Make an appointment with one of our water specialists and we will come to your home and test the contaminant and mineral levels in your water.
Step 2: Our water specialist will evaluate the results of the tests and show you what is in your water. The specialist can also explain any issues causing the contamination and help propose a solution.
Step 3: These comprehensive water quality evaluations last about an hour and are completely free. We will never pressure you to purchase anything.

To schedule your free water evaluation appointment call Superior today at 208-343-7683 or fill out the form on the left.