How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Jan 25 2016

preventfrozenpipeWinter is in full swing which means homeowners are having to face many weather-related problems; a big one is Frozen Pipes. A frozen pipe can quickly become a burst pipe, leading to flooding and other problems in your home. This threat to your home can cost you a pretty penny to have repaired which is why prevention is key. By taking the preventative measures below you can save yourself the stress and expense of pipe bursting in your home this winter.

Prevention Checklist:

If you suspect that your pipes are susceptible to freezing or may already be freezing it is important to keep a close eye on them. Go through the checklist and see how many of these precautions you have already taken and still need to take.
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If you have a pipe freeze there are steps you can take to aid the pipe before it becomes even worse and potentially burst open. If the pipe does burst take the steps mentioned below. In the case of an emergency call a plumber!


  1. Thaw the pipe (a hairdryer typically works well).
  2. Wrap the pipe (soak towels in hot water & then wrap them around the frozen area of the pipe).
  3. Start thawing near faucet (start the thawing process near the faucet and be sure it is turned on to alleviate pressure buildup).


  1. Shut off the water (turn the water off immediately).
  2. Close water heater valve (if burst is in hot water pipe, the valve on top of the heater needs to be closed).
  3. Call a plumber (if the burst begins to cause flooding or is unrepairable, call a plumber).

Frozen pipes can cause a large problem for your home. By following this checklist you can prevent the pipes from freezing and further bursting. Have any additional water questions? Contact Superior Water & Air at (208) 343-7683 today!