DIY Water Reservoir for Planters

Apr 14 2016

DIY Water ReservoirSummer is approaching quickly which means long, hot days for us and our yards. Keep your garden happy and thriving all summer with a hidden water reservoir. This easy to make water reservoir is hidden in your plants keeping your garden beautiful and watered. When planting a water reservoir it is easier to start with a new pot and plant but not required. The one required item is an empty plastic water bottle about the same height as your planter.

4 Steps to Your Reservoir

Step 1: Cut
Carefully cut the bottom off a plastic bottle with a knife. The bottle should be the height of
the bottom of the planter to the top of the soil line, no taller. Remove the bottle cap.
Step 2: Place
Fill up your container partially with soil and then place the empty bottle, upside down, in
the center. Add more soil around the sides so that it stands up.
Step 3: Plant
In the donut shape around the outside of the bottle, add your plants to the pot.
Step 4: Water
Fill up the bottle with water on hot days, and it will slowly trickle down to the deep roots
of your plants. Be sure to continue top-watering at first while your plants are getting established to the new watering technique.

At first you will see the bottle partially in the soil but as your plants grow it will become harder and harder to see. The ease of the water bottle will remain as the plants grow allowing you to continue filling up the bottle.

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