Avoid the Cold, Update Your Water Heater Before Winter

Nov 10 2016


Since your water heater is responsible for providing the heat for your showers, laundry, dishwashing, and cooking it’s by far one of the most essential appliances in your home. But when was the last time you had any maintenance done to it? Is it even working properly? Many people are getting mediocre function out of their water heater without even realizing it.

Is it time for a new water heater?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it’s time for you to get a new water heater:

Is your water at least 12 years old?

Is there rusty colored water coming out of your taps or rusty buildup on top of your tank?

Does it take forever for your water to warm up or does it not even get hot at all?

Do you run out of hot water before everyone has used what they need?

Is your tank leaking

Does your heater make cracking or popping noises sounds?

What you Need to Know Before Updating your Water Heater

Your water heater uses up a lot of energy which can end up costing you a lot each month. Fortunately, today’s models are much more cost effective and energy-efficient than ever before!  Here are some tips to consider when shopping for a new one:

Cost effectiveness

If you’re worried about price, buying the cheapest water heater is not necessarily going to save you the most $$$. This is because many of the cheaper heaters will cost more to operate.  Today, water heaters come with Energy Guide labels to help you find the cost-effectiveness of each appliance.  Look over these labels carefully and ask for guidance from a qualified individual if you need more help.

Energy Efficiency

Every water heater has a certain “Energy Factor” (EF).   This is the standard by which energy-efficiency is measured. The higher the number is, the more energy-efficient the heater.  Note: water heaters with a thick layer of foam insulation will be more energy efficient.


Make sure you get a water heater that is the right size.  If you buy one bigger than you need you will end up wasting money.  Ask a technician for help finding the right size.

Need Help? Trust an Expert

If you’ve moved into your home within the past five years, you might not know how old the water heater is, or if its received regular maintenance. IF this is your situation, or you just don’t know enough to make an informed decision, contact us for a free consultation and estimate on repairs or a new water heater.