How To Stay Hydrated During Winter

Jan 14 2017

Superior Blog Graphics -Stay HydratedSnow is officially on the ground, trees are looking bare, and the air is extremely dry! Winter is in full swing which means the start of cold and flu season has arrived as well. Protect yourself and your family this season by making sure you stay hydrated and healthy!

Winter tends to accelerate dehydration without you even knowing it! Maintaining body temperature and conserving heat requires the body to work harder than usual putting you at risk for dehydration without knowing it. When dehydrated, you can also become more susceptible to winter colds, flu, exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramps, loss of coordination, and stroke.

The easiest way to avoid the winter blues is to incorporate more water into your diet whether it’s hot, cold, or in your food! Take these 7 tips and tricks into consideration to stay happy, healthy, and hydrated this winter:
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It’s not only important to drink a lot of water this winter but to drink clean water. Purified water removes the harmful chemicals and offers many benefits to your health! Interested in having better tasting water or cleaner water? Contact Superior Water & Air at 208-343-7683 to have your water evaluated for free to find out what type of water purification system is right for you!