The Best Water for the Best Thanksgiving

Nov 01 2017

A plate covered in Thanksgiving food

Everyone wants to have the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, but how can you achieve the perfect flavor? You might be surprised to see that the perfect Thanksgiving dinner actually starts with your water. You wouldn’t cook your food with spoiled milk, right? Well, you shouldn’t be cooking your food with terrible-tasting water, either. Water plays a big role in your Thanksgiving feast. Check out all of these amazing Thanksgiving recipes and how pure water can make them taste even better:

Roast Turkey

There are so many different ways to prepare a turkey. Are you going to bake, deep-fry, or go all out with a turducken? If you want a moist turkey, soak your turkey the night before in a salty and savory brine. Check out this Martha Stewart recipe for the ultimate turkey brine. While this recipe requires you to prepare your turkey the night before, it’s sure to be a great hit!
A perfectly roasted turkey

Mashed Potatoes

If you’re looking for the perfect mashed potatoes this season, it all starts with the right potatoes and water. The taste of your water can change the taste of the potatoes. If your water is unbearably hard, your potatoes might have an unpleasant, lingering taste that doesn’t come from your choice of seasonings. Check out this mashed potato recipe that can be prepared the day before to make your dinner preparations even easier.
A pan of mashed potatoes with butter and chives.

Candied Yams

If you’re looking for candied yams with a twist, check out this candied yam recipe from Simply Recipes. Just like with mashed potatoes, the flavor of your yams starts with your boiling water that you cook your yams in. The twist to this recipe is the orange juice you add to the yams. It creates a tangy and juicy candied yam, which is a great choice if you and your family don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Green Bean Casserole

There are countless ways to make a classic green bean casserole. You can keep it simple and use canned or frozen beans, a can of soup, and your choice of toppings, or you can go the extra mile and use fresh green beans this year! If you’re going with fresh beans, make sure to rinse and boil with good, fresh water.

Pie, pie, and More Pie

If you’re looking to make your own pie crust for pumpkin pie this year, cold water is the key ingredient to bring the crust together. Here’s a simple, 4-ingredient pie crust recipe you can use for all of your Thanksgiving pies, whether it’s pumpkin, apple, pecan, or another family favorite.
A slice of pumpkin pie with a spoonful of whipped cream.

Turkey Stock

After your Thanksgiving meal, don’t throw away the turkey bones! Instead, make a delicious stock you can later use for soups, gravies, or any other recipe that calls for chicken stock. Check out this amazing recipe that the author calls “Rescued Turkey Stock” as she “rescues” the turkey’s scraps from being thrown away for this flavorful stock.

How to get the Best Water

If you’re worried about the taste of your Thanksgiving feast, there are ways Superior can help you have great, fresh-tasting water for all your cooking and cleaning needs. Tired of seeing hard water stains on your fancy dishes? Invest in a water softener. It can help your water not only look great, but taste great, too! Another great way to make sure your water is pure and tastes great is to get a water purifier. Contact Superior today so you don’t have to worry about hidden contaminants in your water affecting the flavor of your holiday meal!