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Category: Water Purification

Don’t Let Hard Water Ruin Your Holiday Cocoa

Nov 27 2017

Move aside pumpkin spice latte, it’s time for the next big drink: hot chocolate! Whether it’s homemade or an instant powder with water, a good cup of hot chocolate definitely hits the spot during the holiday season. One of the best parts of hot chocolate is how easy it is to make. All it takes…

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How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated During Halloween Festivities

Oct 12 2017

There are so many fun activities to do in Idaho, especially near Boise and Meridian! It’s just a matter of knowing where to look. Are you and your kids looking for an old-fashioned corn maze? Maybe you’d rather have something more relaxing, like taking a stroll past a variety of fun and creative scarecrows. Regardless…

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What Is Reverse Osmosis And How Does It Improve Your Water?

Reverse Osmosis, we know it for purifying our water, but how does it work? When I hear osmosis, I think Osmosis Jones, the blue cartoon figure who plays out his existence as a crime fighting cop in the body of Bill Murray. But that image is a far stretch when looking at a glass of…

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How To Stay Hydrated During Winter

Jan 14 2017

Snow is officially on the ground, trees are looking bare, and the air is extremely dry! Winter is in full swing which means the start of cold and flu season has arrived as well. Protect yourself and your family this season by making sure you stay hydrated and healthy! Winter tends to accelerate dehydration without…

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Advantages of Soft Water

May 20 2016

View image | gettyimages.com Hard water can adversely affect everything from clothes and plumbing fixtures to your skin. Minerals like calcium and magnesium leave residue on pipes, fixtures, and appliances and build-up over time. This can eventually compromise the flow of the pipes and lead to difficult to remove scaling. Water softeners are the most…

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Methods of Water Purification

May 07 2016

Just as important as water is to human life, the purification of this water is equally important. Invest in a water purification system that works efficiently in your home to bring the clean and fresh water you and your family needs.

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Signs You Should Get Your Water Tested

Do you have a private well or use the public water system in your home? No matter the answer, there are some characteristics you should look out for in the water you use every day for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. If you notice any strange signs in your water, you should get a home…

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Where Does My Used Water Go?

Jan 18 2016

Have you ever wondered where that extra water that goes down your drain ends up? Where the water you use to brush your teeth or take a shower with ends up? We have created this infographic to shed some light on the process.

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Where Does Boise Water Come From?

Jan 07 2016

Since water is such a crucial part of our lives, it is common to wonder where the water we rely on so much for drinking, cooking, and cleaning actually comes from and the process it undergoes before arriving to the homes and businesses of Boise.

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How Much Do You Really Know About Bottled Water?

Dec 08 2015

Water is the most essential liquid we need for survival, health, and happiness. Our bodies are composed of 75% water, which makes the water we put inside of them even more important. The bottled water industry is a key player and not going anywhere but the question arises: Are people getting what they paid for?…

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