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Office Drinking Water

A Better Solution for Drinking Water

Are you still having the big 5 gallon plastic bottles of water delivered to your office for the water cooler? We believe you are working too hard and it’s time to revamp the workplace. We have the solution for your office water needs.

Bottle-less drinking water solutions are environmentally friendly, cost effective options for meeting office drinking water needs. Superior offers complete office drinking water systems that eliminate the need for bottles that constantly need to be refilled. These systems are hooked directly into your culinary water line to produce clean, clear, purified water.

Advantages of Bottle-less Drinking Water Systems

  • Get filtered and purified water directly from the tap. We offer 4 varieties of systems ranging from basic filtration to reverse osmosis purification.
  • All systems are low maintenance and energy efficient. You’ll only have to change a filter once a year and Superior will handle any other maintenance problems that arise.
  • Choose between hot and cold water systems and systems that include room temperature water as well. Also, choose the dispensing method–spigot or free fall.
  • Affordable monthly rates no matter how much water you use. The rate is fixed, so you don’t have to worry about limiting your usage.
  • Straight from the tap you get hot or cold purified water at the touch of a button.
  • Eliminate the need for bottle delivery services, deposits on water bottles, water bottle storage, and pay as you drink pricing systems.

Superior Boise is your solution for cleaner, healthier drinking water. Call us at 208-343-7683 to find out more about having a custom office drinking water system installed.