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Water Purification

Water Purification for Your Health

There is a difference between water filtration and water purification, and while the processes are similar, the scope is entirely different. Water filtration is a less complete form of purification, removing only large particles from the water, leaving traces of many other contaminants such as metal, salts and treatment chemicals. A full water purification system removes potentially harmful contaminants of all sizes, giving you a cleaner, safer water for your health.

Superior Water & Air’s purification systems filter and purify your drinking water making it safe, clean, and better tasting. We’ve developed our purification systems with the latest in reverse osmosis technologies for the most complete purification possible. Your health and well being is intrinsically tied with the water you drink, so make the transition to purified water straight from the tap!

Benefit from a Safer Drinking Water

Legally speaking, the water you drink out of your tap is likely fine. The Clean Water Act regulates 91 contaminants and water that is free of those contaminants is ‘legally safe’ water. This list of contaminants, however, is being revised continuously and there are potentially thousands of dangerous contaminants in the water supply. This means that purified water out of the tap is more important than ever.

A Superior water purification system will help prevent these contaminants from entering your drinking water supply through a complete reverse osmosis purification process. In addition to the health benefits of cleaner water, here are some additional advantages.

  • ‘Metallic’ free and cleaner taste
  • Cleaner water for cooking
  • Cleaner water for washing dishes and clothing
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly
  • High level of purification–not just a filter

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