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Water Purifiers

Top Reasons to Purify Your Water

When you want a water purification system that truly purifies, Superior Boise has what you need. We have a variety of purifiers that can be easily installed beneath your sink and provide your residence or business with clean, great tasting water directly from the tap. Here are a few reasons to consider a custom water purification system from Superior:

  • It’s less expensive and more environmentally friendly than constantly re-supplying bottled water.
  • Purification systems will save money in the long term and feature longer lasting filters.
  • The water is cleaner than water that is merely filtered–such as through a refrigerator filter.
  • Purer, better tasting water
  • Fewer contaminants. Our purification systems remove a higher quantity of substances like: chlorine, arsenic, radium, mercury, lead, dissolved solids, and other sediment.
  • No heavy jugs to carry, store, and dispose of–just pure water right from your tap.

Superior Boise gives you the advantage of higher quality drinking water that is both healthy and sustainable. A more effective approach to water purification is possible and Superior offers that possibility for residences and businesses. Call us today to find out more, 208-343-7683