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Home Water Evaluation in Boise and Throughout Idaho

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What’s in Your Water?

The contents of the water running out of your tap may surprise you. Even after treatment, a lot of chemical contaminants remain in the average tap water. Superior offers complete home water evaluations in Boise and the surrounding areas that will assess the mineral and contaminant levels in your water. Based on this, we can help guide you in deciding on a water filtration or purification system.

The Costs of Low Quality Water

Hard water and contaminated water can take a toll on household items and on your health. The only way to improve your water quality is to take appropriate action after having the water in your home evaluated. Doing so will have noticeable positive impacts on taste and feel, as well as less strain on fixtures and appliances. These are some of the benefits associated with quality water:

  • Reduce scale buildup on water heaters, pipes, and shower heads. This buildup can reduce the lifespan of these items.
  • Eliminate premature fading of clothing from hard water.
  • Reduce the quantity of soaps, shampoos, and detergents used in washing by installing a water softener.
  • Prevent itchy, dry skin by eliminating hard water.

Superior Water Evaluations

  • Make an appointment with one of our water specialists in Boise and we will come to your home and test the contaminant and mineral levels in your water.
  • Our water specialist will evaluate the results of the tests and show you what is in your water. The specialist can also explain any issues causing the contamination and help propose a solution.
  • These comprehensive water quality evaluations last about an hour and are completely free. We will never pressure you to purchase anything.

To schedule your free water evaluation appointment call Superior today at 208-343-7683 or fill out the form on the left.

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