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The Countless Benefits of Water Softeners

Mar 21 2017

Hard water can be a serious problem around the house. The hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium that leave residue on pipes, fixtures, and appliances are known as scale. Over time, this can reduce the flow through pipes. One of the most effective ways to combat hard water for the entire house is through…

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How To Stay Hydrated During Winter

Jan 14 2017

Snow is officially on the ground, trees are looking bare, and the air is extremely dry! Winter is in full swing which means the start of cold and flu season has arrived as well. Protect yourself and your family this season by making sure you stay hydrated and healthy! Winter tends to accelerate dehydration without…

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Winter Water Conservation Tips

Dec 05 2016

Water conservation is commonly pushed during the summer months but is it important to conserve water during the winter? It sure is! Although we aren’t watering our lawns or working out in the garden, there are still ways to cut back on water usage during the chilly months. Here are a few ways you can…

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Facts About Water That You Wouldn’t Believe!

Sep 17 2016

Water is so important to our survival but its also important for the common things we enjoy daily. Check out the shocking amounts of water that are used to make the items we enjoy daily.

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Simple Water Conservation Tips

Apr 27 2016

Water conservation is a practice that should not be taken lightly, even if you live in an area where water is not an issue, yet. By conserving water you can save money on your bills, prevent water pollution, and extend the life of your septic system. It’s crucial we start saving water now for a…

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How To Keep Your Community’s Water Supply Clean

Mar 28 2016

Community water supplies are important to individual and environmental health. Water supplies are easily contaminated and require concerted efforts on the part of communities to keep them clean and free of contamination. While municipal water treatment facilities do much of the decontamination and treatment for portability, individuals within a community still carry a large responsibility…

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Water is… Important for the Human Body

Mar 22 2016

As a company that could not operate without water we want to raise awareness about how important water is for the human body. Take a look at all of the benefits that purified water has to offer:

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Hard Water Test At Home

Mar 01 2016

It is very easy to find out if you have hard or soft water in your home, all you need is a water bottle and some dish soap. If you wish to test for the level of hardness and treatment options, Superior Water & Air offers free water evaluations. Step 1: Find a plastic bottle…

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Signs You Should Get Your Water Tested

Do you have a private well or use the public water system in your home? No matter the answer, there are some characteristics you should look out for in the water you use every day for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. If you notice any strange signs in your water, you should get a home…

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Where Does My Used Water Go?

Jan 18 2016

Have you ever wondered where that extra water that goes down your drain ends up? Where the water you use to brush your teeth or take a shower with ends up? We have created this infographic to shed some light on the process.

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